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Many individuals and business owners who purchased property when the Nevada real estate market was hot are regretting those decisions today.

The properties they bought before the real estate crash are, in some cases, worth less than half of the value of their mortgages. And if they try to rent out, lease or sell the properties, there are either no takers or the prices offered are not worthwhile.

Rather than continue to sink capital into a money pit they cannot afford, many people choose to default on their mortgages. These intentional breaches of contract — known as a strategic mortgage defaults — are not without legal risks, but when handled by experienced real estate attorneys, the defaults can free people from burdensome, even toxic, debts.

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The attorneys of Kerr Simpson Attorneys at Law represents individuals and businesses in completing strategic defaults, as well as other related matters, including:

  • Deficiency actions
  • Exemptions from deficiency actions
  • Defense against lenders/creditor claims
  • Predatory lending litigation
  • Foreclosure defense
  • Creditor negotiations and litigation
  • Tax planning (in advance of seeking a strategic default)

The firm’s lawyers can handle the entire foreclosure process from breach to end of sale, protecting the profitable properties their clients’ wish to keep and helping them free themselves from the underwater properties they need to sacrifice.

The firm’s founding attorney, Sterling Kerr, is a successful real estate entrepreneur and businessman who has been active in the Nevada real estate and legal communities for more than two decades. He knows Nevada real estate laws inside and out, and he can help you safely navigate the treacherous waters of strategic defaults.

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If you have worked your whole life to develop a nest egg of assets, you owe it to yourself to get rid of toxic assets that threaten to destroy it. For more information about Kerr Simpson Attorneys at Law, or to consult with one of its experienced lawyers, contact the firm online or by calling 702-608-0835, or toll free at 800-745-8826.

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