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The advantages and potential drawbacks to mediation

Business litigation can arise a number of different contexts. For example, a Henderson, Nevada, business might have a dispute with their property insurer over a claim for damages to their building. In other cases, a title insurance issue, such as something involving a boundary dispute, water rights or the like, may spark litigation.

There are also more run-of-the mill contract disputes or business torts that a Nevada company may need to resolve and resolve quickly.

Putting the right value on one's property

Often overlooked, one of the steps in the probate or trust administration is the act of putting a value on the property that is part of the estate or in the trust. How much a piece of property was worth at the time of a person's death can have huge implications with respect to taxes and other things.

In fact, the value of property is common dispute that can lead to probate litigation either between the heirs and will executor or trustee or between the beneficiaries and a taxing authority. Should litigation emerge from either quarter, it is important for those involved to understand the basics of how one arrives at the value of property in the estate.

The complex relationship between the BLM and mining operations

The mining industry brings millions, if not billions, of dollars to Nevada each year. One of the largest boons for the state's mining industry is lithium, which manufacturers use in much of today's technologies. In fact, the device you are using to read this article may use a battery containing lithium.

Other mining operations here involve silver, gold, gravel, crushed stone and sand, among other things. You may know all of this if you work in the mining industry. If you do, you are more than likely familiar with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, as well.

Pricing transparency rule stands after suit dismissed

One hot topic in the news over the last several months has been Nevada's strict law requiring manufacturers of diabetic drug, as well as brokers in the pharmaceutical business called pharmacy benefit managers, to report certain data to the state, including profits.

The idea behind the law is to make sure these companies are held publicly accountable for what have been consistent and significant price increases in these types of drugs. It will also serve to make the broader public aware of why the price of their medication, which they need in order to survive, keeps going up, leaving less money in their wallets.

We can advocate for those struggling with a property claim

A previous post on this blog discussed how a resident of Henderson or another part of the greater Las Vegas area may have to file a claim with their property insurance company should they experience accidental damage to their building from a fire or other unanticipated dangers.

While a business owner will hope that his or her insurance company will come through quickly so that the owner can get on with running the business, this is not always the case. There can be all kinds of disputes about property damage claims, from whether the damage is covered under the policy in the first place to how much the insurance company should pay. Sadly, in some cases, it turns out that the insurance company has simply chosen to be difficult.

What can I do if my business property has been damaged?

One of the first things a Henderson, Nevada business owner or real estate investor will want to buy after purchasing a piece of commercial real estate is property insurance.

This type of insurance is supposed to protect them from financial hardship should their business buildings or investment homes get damaged by theft, a fire or some sort of natural disaster. When things are going as expected, all an owner need do after experiencing damage to his or her business property is file a claim with his or her insurance company. If it is a valid claim, an insurance company is expected to pay for the damage according to the terms of the policy.

Issues that might arise with confidentiality agreements

Any Nevada business, no matter its size, is going to want to take steps to protect its trade secrets and other information that is uses to stay competitive. Not only is this a way of preserving a business's ability to make a profit, it also is a matter of justice when a Henderson resident has employed his or her time and talent to develop new and creative ideas.

Businesses often rely on confidentiality agreements with their employees, vendors, other business partners and even, on occasion, customers in order to secure this information. In theory, confidentiality agreements are legal and binding contracts, and usually allow a business owner to sue for relief if someone should violate them.

A dispute over property lines is a threat to your interests

Nevada property owners know that the real estate market in the area is competitive and prices can be high. Whether you purchase a piece of property for private or commercial purposes, you know that a dispute over property lines and boundaries can be complicated and stressful.

Knowing where the boundary lines are for the piece of property you want to buy or have already purchased is important, and resolving any disputes quickly and fairly is important. If you find yourself in this situation, you do not have to navigate it alone, but you can take action to seek guidance and take legal measures, if necessary.

Elder abuse, undue influence, is too common

According to relatively recent statistics, the number of incidents of undue influence and outright elder abuse are unacceptably high both in Nevada and around the country.

Among people who are over the age of 60, 1 in 10 who are still living in their homes experience some sort of abuse, which can include physical and sexual abuse as well as emotional abuse. Furthermore, among those who are over 65, 20 percent, or 1 in 5, are taken advantage of financially.

Badlands golf course redevelopment fight continues

To follow up on a local real estate dispute this blog has been following, the owners of a Las Vegas area property that was once a golf course have threatened to file additional lawsuits against the city government.

This threat came in response to the City Council's recent decision not to hear the petition of the developers of the golf course regarding how they plan to put the now vacant property to use. The basis of this decision was that the developers had not waited the mandatory year since their prior plans were denied on June 21, 2017.

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