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What questions are important when starting a joint venture?

Some real estate deals and other important business transactions are best accomplished with the help of others. A Henderson, Nevada, resident will therefore likely want to explore how to organize their business affairs in order to maximize their profit and protect themselves legally.

One type of business organization that is an option for aspiring entrepreneurs is a joint venture. Basically, a joint venture works in many ways like a partnership, except that a joint venture will usually exist only to serve one specific business purpose rather than act as an ongoing business operation.

Businesses may need to protect their intellectual property

As is the case with businesses across the country, small and mid-sized organizations in Henderson and the greater Las Vegas area are always looking for something distinctive to set their businesses apart from the competition.

Whether it is a literary work or other artistic work, a mechanical design or even a logo or other form of branding, these distinctive aspects of a business often determine the business's profitability. The law also encourages this sort of creativity by protecting these sorts of items from unauthorized replication so that a business can enjoy the fruit of its own labor and ingenuity.

Helping your Nevada small business with breach of contract issues

As a small business owner in Nevada, you know how important it is to have strong and enforceable contracts. Contracts of all kinds are an important aspect of doing business, as they protect your interests and outline the responsibilities of all parties involved in a transaction.

Regardless of the specific type of business contract, it can be extremely complicated when the other party violates the terms of your agreement. It can lead to financial loss, additional problems with other aspects of your operations and other problems. One of the most important things you can do to protect your business is to know how to quickly and effectively react to breach of contract issues.

Seller's market in the Las Vegas area continues

It might not come as a surprise to many in Henderson and the greater Las Vegas area, but all signs point to the seller's real estate market continuing for the time being. While this is great news for people who already own real estate here, it is getting harder for new investors and even people looking for a family home to break in to the market at an affordable price.

The inventory of residential properties available for sale in the area is down 23.5 percent from 2017, which is a drop second only to a city in a neighboring state, which had a 26 percent drop in real estate inventory. Across the country, the drop of inventory averaged only 9 percent.

What happens when a person leaves multiple wills?

It is not uncommon for a Henderson, Nevada, resident, over the course of his or her life, to write more than one will. After all, a person's life circumstances may change over time, and with those changes, a person may decide that he or she wants to leave his or her wealth to someone else.

Multiple wills become problematic only when there is some confusion about which of the wills a person intended to be the final statement of that person's estate plan. Unfortunately, this sort of scenario comes up more than one might think.

Representation during corporate buyouts

Growing businesses in Henderson, Nevada, and other parts of the greater Las Vegas area may come to a point in which they need to expand their operations in order to keep up their growth and profitability.

As a pervious post on this blog discussed, one option for expanding is to acquire another, similar business through what is called a corporate buyout. If handled correctly, a buyout can give an emerging business the market share and resources it needs to remain profitable for years or even decades.

Dispute over golf course re-development headed to court

What started as a dispute between the owners of a Las Vegas area golf course and the City Council over the golf course's proposed development has turned in to a federal lawsuit.

The owners of the now-closed golf course filed suit recently against the Council and two individual members, alleging that their Fourteenth Amendment rights to due process, a right guaranteed under the United States Constitution, have been violated in connection with the Council's review of their project.

Proving fraudulent misrepresentation

It is difficult to know if you are making the right decision if you don't have all the information. This is why it is best not to rush into important choices without taking the time to investigate and learn as much as you can, whether it is buying a new car, getting married or entering a business deal. Fortunately, many important transactions involve the signing of a contract, which outlines the responsibilities and expectations of each side.

As a Nevada business owner, you likely use many kinds of contracts for your business operations. What happens, however, if the person presenting you with a contract includes false or deceptive information in its terms? Do you have legal recourse if the misleading statements cause damage to you or your business?

Las Vegas building code can challenge real estate investors

An aspiring real estate developer who either is in the business of building homes or businesses on undeveloped land or prefers to renovate or redevelop older properties has a lot on his or her plate at any time in the project.

For instance, in addition to coming up with the money to pay for the project and investing the time necessary to complete it, the developer has to mind several issues pertaining to real estate law, such as the closing of the real estate transaction itself, as well as the plethora of contracts with those who provide material and labor for the building project.

How does a corporate buyout work?

Many business owners in the Las Vegas area or in other parts of Nevada may be looking for opportunities to expand, especially since the economy seems to be doing fairly well right now.

One of the ways in which a business might consider expanding is by conducting a buyout of a competitor or other firm. After reviewing the firm's records and conducting its other due diligence, the company interested in buying will make an offer to buy enough shares of the target firm's stock so as to control the direction of that firm.

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