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Nevada real estate market starting to look like its neighbor's

Historically, Nevada has profited by its proximity to its neighbor to the west. With that state experiencing high housing prices and other issues, many people move to Las Vegas or Reno in the hope for more affordable housing and better circumstances overall.

However, some residents of Nevada are now concerned that this influx of people, and wealth, are not always and everywhere good things. Immediate concerns are heavy traffic and schools that have grown too fast to be as effective as they could be.

We represent clients in complicated guardianship cases

A previous post on this blog talked about the process of obtaining a legal guardianship in Nevada and what sort of issues might arise as a result. To review, a guardianship involves a court appointing a seemingly trustworthy person to manage the assets or even the living arrangements and medical care of someone who is no longer able to do so.

Guardians are in many respects like attorneys in fact, except that it is the person who later will need help managing his or her property, and not a court, who appoints the attorney in fact.

The focus of your due diligence depends on your intentions

Part of your business model may include purchasing a piece of property. Perhaps you already found the right place and put in an offer that the seller accepted. You probably spent a significant amount of time negotiating your purchase and sale agreement, which included contingencies.

More than likely, finalizing the purchase depends on the results of your due diligence. The path you take during this phase of the process remains influenced by your goal with regard to the property from beginning to end. The issues important to you depend on whether you intend to occupy, develop or invest in that particular piece of real estate.

Possible legal issues in Nevada guardianships

A resident of the Las Vegas area may hope that with careful estate planning, including the drafting of a power of attorney, his or her financial and physical needs can be addressed by a loved one in the event that he or she is unable to do so without help, whether due to declining health or for some other reason.

Sometimes, however, a Nevada adult may be incapable of managing his or her own affairs and thus may require someone with legal authority to step in on their behalf. In this state, a loved one or other person could then petition a court for guardianship.

Shareholder derivative suit follows sexual misconduct allegations

Shareholders of stock in Wynn Resorts Ltd., a company which is a big player in Nevada's popular gambling and resort industry, have filed a derivative action against both the very corporation in which they hold stock as well as the board of the corporation.

The lawsuit pertains to the conduct of the former chief executive officer of the company, who had to resign under fire after allegations that he had the habit of harassing an otherwise pressuring the women with whom he worked in to sexual acts. The CEO was just the latest in a number of formerly powerful men who have been brought down by their inappropriate and unlawful sexual behavior.

Protecting your business interest from unfair competition

A previous post on this blog discussed the concept of business torts. To summarize the concept, business torts are part of Nevada law that help protect business owners from dishonest or underhanded competition from their rivals. The goal of business torts is to help ensure a level playing field for all business in the Las Vegas area and throughout this state.

Our law office understands how important being able to rely on these business torts is for a small to mid-sized Henderson businesses, particularly when they are up against companies of the same size or slightly larger and more established. Having the right lawyer representing a small business which has been the victim of unlawful conduct at the hands of another business can even spell the difference between a business failure and continued profitability and growth.

How title insurance protect an investor's real estate

Many investors in Nevada may, like other people, not pay much attention to title insurance when they are closing on a new piece of property. After all, in the vast majority of cases, a title insurance policy is just something a buyer deals with at the time of a real estate closing.

In reality, though, title insurance is one important piece of an investor's strategy to protect his or her real estate form a sudden loss. Unlike property insurance, however, title insurance will cover a monetary loss if it turns out that the investor does not have full legal title to the land.

Understanding your obligations as a Nevada landlord

If you are a landlord in Nevada, you know there are many obligations you have to your tenants. Failure to meet these obligations and adhere to your responsibilities could lead to legal complications in the future. You may find it beneficial to make an effort to learn more about your duties pertaining to repairs, maintenance and other issues.

One of the main duties you have as a landlord is to keep the premises of the rented property habitable and well-maintained. Issues you must address in a timely manner pertain to plumbing and heat. In most cases, landlords must take care of these matters promptly, as it can impact a tenant's health and well-being. Understanding your responsibilities can help you avoid costly legal complications in the future.

Legal help for a very sensitive time

A previous post on this blog talked about how Nevada living wills, while they are intended to help families and doctors make end-of-life decisions for a loved one who might not be able to speak for themselves, can actually create a lot of confusion when family members are not seeing eye-to-eye about what is in the best interest of their incapacitated friend or relative.

In the worst case scenario, friends, family members and doctors may find themselves facing off with each other in court litigation that may ultimately decide the fate of their loved one who is counting on them to make the best decision possible. This sort of litigation is very sensitive because of the magnitude of the decision and the emotional investment that is often involved.

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