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How boundary disputes get resolved in Nevada

When investors or private citizens in Nevada buy a piece of land, they expect that they will get what they see. In other words, if the land has a fence around it or if it is otherwise visibly clear where the piece of property ends and the neighbor's land begins, then the would-be buyer expects to have all of that land as part of their purchase.

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, residential boundary disputes do occur in the Las Vegas area. These are certainly not trivial matters, particularly when land is scarce and valuable. The loss of even a few feet of land can spell the loss of thousands of dollars in value to the land. Moreover, there is a principle at stake that a person should get what they bargained for after buying real estate.

Proving another company infringed on intellectual property rights

As a Nevada business owner, you know that your business-related assets are important to the well-being and prosperity of your continued success. This is not only the physical assets that your company needs to operate, but your intellectual property as well. Protection of the intangible things that set your company apart from the competition are important and worth protecting. 

You may find that another company is using a trademark that is too similar to your own. Whether this type of infringement is intentional or not, you have the right to hold that company accountable for violating your trademark. You may find it beneficial to learn more about what it means when two trademarks are confusingly similar and what to do to protect your company's interests.

Major hotel chain facing regulatory compliance issues

Motel 6, a nationwide motel chain known for simple but adequate accommodations and affordable nightly rates, is under fire from the Attorney General of another state and several other quarters for allegedly violating consumer protection laws.

Motel 6 has motels in the Las Vegas area and throughout Nevada, although some may be operated via a franchising agreement and thus would technically be independently owned and operated.

Interpreting a Nevada will or trust

This blog has talked about how residents of the Las Vegas area can challenge the validity of a will or trust. They can also seek to have an executor of a will or a trustee removed from their position if there is some evidence that these people are breaching their fiduciary duty.

However, these sorts of issues are not the only reason for probate litigation or trust litigation in Nevada. By way of example, many times family members and other interested parties can agree that a will or trust is valid and can even agree that the executor or trustee is doing his or her best with a difficult situation; what they don't agree on is what the will or trust means.

You can trust us with your regulatory compliance needs

A previous post on this blog talked about the importance of having a regulatory compliance program in place.

While owners of start-up companies in Henderson, Nevada, and other parts of the greater Las Vegas area might not have the time to think about how they are going to follow all of the rules and regulations that apply to their business until the moment in which they have to pay that bill or get that permit.

The importance of a regulatory compliance program

Even smaller to mid-sized Nevada businesses need to concern themselves with what legal and business professionals call "regulatory compliance."

The idea behind regulatory compliance is that there are a maze of federal, state, and local laws that most businesses in Henderson and the greater Las Vegas area must follow. These laws pertain to everything from how one compensates employees to the type of building one can build to the safety features one has in his or her workplace.

Protecting your business through non-compete agreements

If you own a small business in Nevada, you know how important it is to differentiate yourself from the competition and protect certain information about your business. One of the ways that you can do this is by drafting non-compete agreements that are purposeful and enforceable.

When you have your employees sign non-compete agreements, you are protecting the interests of your business. These legal contracts can ensure that your private business-related information stays where it belongs. You worked hard to build your business, and it may be necessary to take certain legal steps in order to shield your company from complications in the future, as well as protect your competitive advantages.

Removing an executor of an estate

In Nevada, as is the case in other states, a court will appoint a person, called an executor or personal representative, to oversee an the administration of an estate.

Basically, the executor is supposed to collect all of the property of the person who died, or at least the property that is going to be dealt with through the estate. The executor then pays off all of the deceased person's legitimate debts and distributes the balance according to the terms of the will or, if there is no will, according to Nevada law.

What is a partition action?

There are many people in Henderson, Nevada, and the greater Las Vegas area who own property jointly. Sometimes, this is just part of their living arrangement, even if they are not married. In other cases, two individuals might be in business together as landlords or real estate developers but choose to hold real estate jointly in their individual names.

Owning property jointly offers convenience and, in fact, is fairly common; however, when the owner can no longer agree on what to do with the property or how to use it, it puts those involved in a bind since one cannot literally split a house or other property in half, at least, not without greatly diminishing the property's value.

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