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Legal Representation For Nevada Employers

While there is much concern in our culture for the rights of employees in the workplace, the often forgotten fact is that employers have rights, as well. Employers in today’s marketplace are in constant danger of legal sanction or lawsuits from their employees. It is critical for employers to protect their legal interests by aligning with an experienced team of attorneys.

Kerr Simpson Attorneys at Law brings more than 25 years of legal experience, as well as entrepreneurial business knowledge and a track record of success to every case the firm handles. Most of the firm’s employment law work is handled by Pete Pratt, who has handled countless cases, including an astonishingly successful record at trial, since 1997. Kerr Simpson Attorneys at Law is a trusted name in employer representation throughout south Nevada.

Helping Your Business Succeed

 The firm represents employers in employment law matters that include:

  • Hiring and firing: There are legal limitations and regulations regarding the firing and hiring of employees. It is important to maintain compliance while still retaining an effective workforce.
  • Contractual agreements: The firm represents employers in all types of contractual matters with their employees, including noncompete clauses, executive compensation packages, commission schedules for sales employees, and benefits packages.
  • Human resources: Issues frequently arise involving harassment claims, discrimination claims, workers’ compensation and related matters.
  • Employee classification: It is critical to properly classify your employees as either employees or contractors. This is important for tax reasons as well as for compliance and avoiding legal sanctions.
  • Employment litigation: An employment lawsuit can derail any business. The attorneys of Kerr Simpson, provide dispute resolution and litigation services that aim for favorable results as efficiently as possible.

Whether your business needs legal help with hiring and firing, litigation, or contractual matters, the lawyers of Kerr Simpson Attorneys at Law can help.

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