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Experienced Attorneys Representing Commercial Property Owners In Leases

A lease can be a high-risk proposition. Commercial property owners are always at risk of business tenants who violate their agreements or delay their payments, and there are strict limitations on what they can do to protect their financial interests. These limitations are only going to increase this year, as well.

Commercial property owners need to work with experienced lawyers who can provide sound counsel and dispute resolution services that will protect their legal rights and financial interests. The attorneys of Kerr Simpson Attorneys at Law represents clients in Henderson and throughout south Nevada. Attorney Sterling Kerr has more than 25 years of experience representing commercial property owners in all types of contractual matters and dispute resolution, including strong litigation support. As an experienced lawyer and entrepreneur, Mr. Kerr understands the legal, financial and commercial interests he protects for his clients.

Challenges Facing Commercial Property Owners

Kerr Simpson Attorneys at Law helps commercial landowners in issues involving:

  • Contractual: It is critical to make sure you are not getting into a bad contract with a leasing business. It is common for both landowners and lessors to miss important details in lease agreements, resulting in serious financial impact.
  • Compliance: The laws and regulations governing the rights of property owners in commercial leases is legion. An experienced attorney can help you avoid exposure to lawsuits and legal sanctions.
  • Dispute resolution: Disputes are common in commercial lease agreements. Attorney Sterling Kerr has decades of experience and a track record of success resolving all types of commercial lease disputes in mediation and litigation.

Attorney Sterling Kerr understands the commercial and legal aspects of commercial lease agreements and disputes. He will help you make smart decisions on the front end and, when real estate disputes arise, he will help you find efficient, favorable resolution.

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