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Attorneys Representing Construction Companies, Contractors And Investors

The construction industry is filled with risks of disputes and litigation. Disagreements between construction companies/contractors and landowners are common. Companies and investors in the construction business need highly experienced and knowledgeable attorneys to represent their interests in a complex, high-risk industry.

Kerr Simpson Attorneys at Law represents clients in Henderson and throughout southern Nevada in construction litigation and eminent domain cases. With decades of business litigation experience, the lawyers of the firm have built a reputation as trustworthy, successful advocates for local construction-related businesses.

The firm’s experienced team of construction law attorneys includes:

Providing A Range Of Litigation Services

The firm represents contractors, construction companies and investors in legal claims involving:

  • Claims of delay or defect: Construction companies and contractors face construction defect and delay claims frequently. In many cases, these issues lead to claims of breach of contract. If not handled properly, a claim of this kind can be catastrophic for a construction business. The attorneys of the firm provide strong defense against claims of breach, construction defect and delay.
  • Mechanic’s liens and stop notices: The firm’s attorneys know how to leverage the legal system to help clients get paid when property owners refuse to pay. Stop notices and mechanic’s liens can make sure your company receives payment for the work and materials you put in.
  • Eminent domain: Everyone with any interest in a property stands to lose out when the government seizes land for public purposes. The lawyers of Kerr Simpson Attorneys at Law have a thorough knowledge of eminent domain law and they can help make sure you get fair remuneration for property seized by the government.

In all of these situations, the firm’s lawyers rely on decades of combined experience in the courtroom. This is a litigation firm representing businesses. They know how to win efficiently.

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