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Month: November 2017

We represent all sizes of real estate investors

There are a lot of Las Vegas, Nevada, residents who earn all or part of their living by investing in real estate. Some are just families or couples who have gained some experience with rental properties or with flipping foreclosed homes and use their skills to make...

Overview of a shareholder derivative action

The way Nevada corporations work, a resident of the Las Vegas area who owns shares in a company, assuming it's a minority stake, has relatively little power to change the way the business runs. After all, the majority shareholder or coalition of shareholders get to...

Can property investment fund your retirement?

You have spent the last 30 years or more working hard, paying your bills and raising your family. Now, with only a few years to go before retirement, you may be feeling that panic in your stomach. What will happen if you become ill or incapacitated? What if you need...

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