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On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2017 | Real Estate Law

There are a lot of Las Vegas, Nevada, residents who earn all or part of their living by investing in real estate. Some are just families or couples who have gained some experience with rental properties or with flipping foreclosed homes and use their skills to make some extra money. Other investors do the work on a more regular basis and may invest in both commercial and residential properties, including large complexes like apartments.

All of these people are going to need legal representation at some point in their business, as the real estate business is rife with the potential for disputes and, for that matter, is just something that requires a working knowledge of the law, even if everyone is in agreement. Moreover, many investors also need an attorney to function as a general business adviser so their investments can continue to grow for years to come.

The attorney at our law office not only knows real estate law, he is also a successful investor in real estate himself, having developed properties both here in Las Vegas and abroad. He knows what makes businesses and investments succeed because he has walked that path himself.

Our office offers a wide range of services to real estate clients, including contract review and help with both unplanned and strategic foreclosures. We also are able to assist landlords with their business by reviewing and preparing leases and, if a tenant does not work out, assisting with eviction proceedings. We also are able to help with title issues, including title defects.

Real estate is still a wonderful way to make money for the right person and given the right opportunities. However, in order to succeed, being able to navigate through the complicated waters of real estate law is a must. Our office is here to help on that journey.

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