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Understanding how to avoid business contract disputes

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Business Litigation

Whenever a business retains a new employee, takes on a new vendor or rents a new retail space, it likely enters into a contract. A contract is a binding legal agreement that outlines the obligations that the two or more parties have to each other and that explains the terms under which the performance of the contract obligations are to be done. For businesses in Nevada, it is imperative that their contracts be drafted with care and attention to detail to make sure that deficiencies in the documents do not expose the businesses to future disputes and potential litigation.

At their most basic level, contracts include offers and acceptances. One party offers to do something for the other and, in exchange, the receiving party will give the offeror something of value. Accepting the offer creates a contract between the parties and, from there, their agreement must dictate the appropriate conditions and terms under which the obligations of the parties are to be performed.

To see how problems may arise in a poorly drafted agreement, consider a business that plans to host an event and that needs tables and chairs delivered to its site on a certain date. Further, consider that this business finds a vendor that can supply the chairs and tables and that the two parties agree to a price for the delivery, set up and take away of the equipment. Finally, imagine that the parties set the date of delivery in the agreement and sign off on the contract.

While it may seem as though the parties have covered their bases for performing under the contract, imagine that the business needs the tables and chairs set up by 9 o’clock in the morning for a lunchtime event. But, if the vendor has a policy of doing delivery and set up of tables and chairs at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the equipment will not be in place in time for the business’s lunch event. Very clearly readers can see how significant details and information are in the execution of business contracts.

The best way to avoid a contract dispute is to put time and effort in to preparing sound agreements. Attorneys who provide business law services are invaluable resources for their clients and can help them work out the necessary terms and conditions in the contracts that keep their clients’ businesses in operation.

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