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A noncompete agreement protects your company

You were not totally surprised by the departure of a key employee of your company. In the past year, meetings turned into indecisive discussions, visions and ideas could not be agreed upon and your employee was less-than-forthcoming with some of his business-related...

The Dealmaker Deals with a Setback

To say Elon Musk is an innovator would be an understatement. Tesla, the company he founded, is well known for selling electric cars at premium prices to a wealthy demographic, far beyond what the average consumer can afford. To cast a wider net, not to mention...

What is a business merger?

Mergers happen in many different contexts. When two Nevada residents choose to get married, they may be said to have merged their separate lives into a shared co-existence through the formalization of their relationship. Similarly, two businesses may choose to merge...

Nevada data breach laws could impact businesses

As a previous post on this blog has discussed, businesses in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada have certain obligations to protect the data of their customers. This is especially true when the data includes financial information or particularly sensitive personal...

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