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Don’t overlook these signs of a bad business partner

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Business Law

When you and your partner decided to work together, you had a similar vision for the future. You knew what you wanted from your company and had many ideas for how you would get there.

For many partnerships, there can be tension in the relationship after the newness wears off or there is a shift in your personal or professional lives. Often, the signs are easy to ignore with the hope that your partner will regain their focus.

These are a few signs you may need to have a serious discussion with your partner.

Difficult distribution

Initially, you and your partner may agree on how to share the responsibilities of operating a company. As time goes on, there may be circumstances where you make changes to the business or your responsibilities.

Often, one partner assumes the change is temporary, while the other is satisfied with the shift. Sometimes, you can resolve a challenge like this by communicating what changed and what you both need to do to move forward. Remember, if you can fix a disagreement about work distribution early, you may be able to avoid a more challenging conflict.

Not enough cooperation

In a partnership, there need to be areas where each partner has the independence to make decisions for the team. However, it is also essential to have balance.

If your partner makes decisions without authorization, it can have a detrimental impact on the business. Depending on your partner’s decisions, you may need to take a strong and swift approach.

Determining how you want to deal with a business partner who is no longer operating in the business’s best interests is essential. In some cases, the damage could become irreversible. You should talk to a skilled professional to help you decide what action is appropriate for your situation.

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