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Representation during corporate buyouts

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2018 | Business Law

Growing businesses in Henderson, Nevada, and other parts of the greater Las Vegas area may come to a point in which they need to expand their operations in order to keep up their growth and profitability.

As a pervious post on this blog discussed, one option for expanding is to acquire another, similar business through what is called a corporate buyout. If handled correctly, a buyout can give an emerging business the market share and resources it needs to remain profitable for years or even decades.

Corporate buyouts are not just something that a business owner can walk in to and accomplish without a lot of thought and effort. Even in friendly buyouts, in which one company wants to be purchased by another company, there are a lot of legal issues that have to be addressed.

For instance, the contracts for sale and related paperwork will have to be negotiated and drafted. Additionally, since buyouts usually involve a business having to secure financing, there will also have to be legal negotiations regarding the terms of the financing and other, related matters.

A buyout may in some cases also raise issues with state or even federal regulatory authorities, and these issues will also have to be addressed before a business can move on with acquiring the other firm.

Finally, it is an unfortunate reality that corporate buyouts, even if they start smoothly enough, can at any point turn hostile, such as when the other company decides it would prefer not to get purchased. These sorts of issues can easily lead to business litigation.

Businesses in the Henderson area can trust our law office to help with these and other legal issues related to buyouts and business acquisitions. In addition to making sure that the work done is technically correct, we use our business experience to help our clients decide how best to approach a buyout so that they can enjoy the full fruits of such a move.

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