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Month: December 2017

Interpreting a Nevada will or trust

This blog has talked about how residents of the Las Vegas area can challenge the validity of a will or trust. They can also seek to have an executor of a will or a trustee removed from their position if there is some evidence that these people are breaching their...

The importance of a regulatory compliance program

Even smaller to mid-sized Nevada businesses need to concern themselves with what legal and business professionals call "regulatory compliance." The idea behind regulatory compliance is that there are a maze of federal, state, and local laws that most businesses in...

Removing an executor of an estate

In Nevada, as is the case in other states, a court will appoint a person, called an executor or personal representative, to oversee an the administration of an estate. Basically, the executor is supposed to collect all of the property of the person who died, or at...

What is a partition action?

There are many people in Henderson, Nevada, and the greater Las Vegas area who own property jointly. Sometimes, this is just part of their living arrangement, even if they are not married. In other cases, two individuals might be in business together as landlords or...

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