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October 2017 Archives

How can a Nevada resident contest a will in probate litigation?

When dealing with the death of a loved one, the last thing most people want to do is think about fighting a legal battle. However, in some unfortunate circumstances, family members, friends or other beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries under a will may feel that something about the document is "not right." Whether they have been left out completely, or have not been bequeathed the share expected, or just think that someone applied undue influence to the testator, these individuals have some ways of making their voices heard. To do this, they may choose to contest the validity of the will documents.

What are "water rights" in Nevada business litigation?

Many people throughout the U.S. don't give much thought to water. They go to the sink, or get in the shower, turn the tap and there it is. However, in many places in the western United States, such as Nevada, water is a scarce resource, and is utilized by many types of organizations and businesses. As such, there can sometimes be disagreements on who gets to use some amount of water from a particular source. To deal with this, Nevada, like many states, has come up with a legal framework for dealing with water rights.

What is a Nevada "LLC"?

Many Nevada residents are likely aware that people who run businesses are often encouraged to "incorporate." There are different ways to run businesses, and creating a corporate entity is one way to take advantage of certain business structures. Most people probably link this activity to businesses that have the abbreviation "inc." after their names, standing for "incorporated." However, there are other types of business structures, including one that has become widely used over the past several decades in Nevada and around the country: a "Limited Liability Company'" or "LLC."

Your intellectual property is valuable

It used to be that the most valuable items your business could hold were the inventory you could protect with a lock and key. These days, however, with technology and internet capabilities, it is increasingly easier for others to ride on your coattails by stealing your intellectual property or profiting from your established brand.

What is a common-interest community in Nevada?

Like many Western states, Nevada has seen an uptick in the number of residents who move to the state to retire. With the beautiful scenery, mostly pleasant weather, and large open spaces, the state is a welcoming place to live for many people who are in the post-career phase of their lives. For many of these individuals, with their children grown, and the physical requirements of caring for a single-family house getting more difficult to accept, the idea of having a smaller dwelling and someone to take care of certain maintenance issues is appealing. These people may profit from looking at the various 'common interest communities' that are available to them.

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