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Month: August 2017

Sometimes probate litigation is inevitable

After a loved one passes away, family members may not always agree on how to handle the closing out of his or her estate. When this happens, probate litigation may be inevitable. If you have found yourself facing this type of difficult legal battle, whether in Nevada...

Encroachment: what is it and how should you deal with it?

You may not know what it is exactly, but encroachment is a serious threat to your property rights and your interests. Encroachment occurs when the neighboring property owner puts a structure or something else that intrudes onto your property. This could include...

What is a mechanic’s lien in Nevada?

Nevada residents are likely familiar with the concept of a "lien." Most individuals who have bought a new automobile, for example, have first-hand experience with lien holders, as the bank from which the person borrowed money to pay for the vehicle has a lien against...

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