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Why you should consider updating your will after moving to Nevada

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2024 | Estate Planning

Nevada has a wonderful climate for retirees. As a result, many older adults who have finished their careers sell their property elsewhere and move to Nevada. Some people come for the dry heat. Others simply want to avoid inclement winter weather that affects driving safety and home maintenance in northern states. Older adults may have recently created estate plans and may not even think about adjusting them when they decide to move to a new state.

Adults of all ages who move to Nevada may benefit from revising their estate planning documents to ensure that they properly comply with Nevada law.

How Nevada law differs

Every state has unique probate statutes. There are rules about who has the right to inherit from the estate and rules about what scenarios might justify a contest against the documents. For example, in Nevada, there are witness requirements for last wills.

Generally, Nevada wills must be written documents. The testator must sign and must have two adult witnesses sign the documents as well. Certain other details may also require revision and review even if they are not state specific matters. Someone may have changes to their family that transpire because of or during their move.

People may also need to add instructions for the descent of the real property that they now own in Nevada. They may also want to draft advance directives and living documents for their protection, especially if their closest family members are now in another state.

A relocation to a new state is one of many personal circumstances that could warrant a careful review of someone’s existing estate planning paperwork. Any scenario that changes someone’s resources or reflects a massive shift in their family circumstances could be reasons to go back over an estate plan and make certain adjustments.

Sitting down to draft estate planning paperwork or updated existing documents can afford someone better protection as they settle into a new phase of life in Nevada.

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