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Economic Development vs. Environmental Concerns

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2021 | Mining Litigation

Professionals in Nevada’s mining industry may have less red tape to go through in launching important initiatives within the state. The traditional “hurry up and wait” approach that comes with a federal bureaucracy has delayed various economic development projects within the state and nationwide.

From the moment they assumed power, the Trump Administration touted their commitment to reducing burdensome regulations that delay essential projects. The current pandemic only hastens the need to streamline processes that can jumpstart economic recovery and lower unemployment nationwide by quickly greenlighting the projects.

Consistent with the ongoing policy, an executive order from the White House is creating a proverbial “express lane.” Specifically, it establishes workarounds on longtime environmental laws for 60 energy and infrastructure initiatives that include oil and gas drilling, highways, and the aforementioned Nevada mining project.

Some projects were already on a reduced timeline before the order with many completed. Those initiatives and current and future ventures will undergo thorough analysis for any and all environmental impact.

Critics of the move claim that those who will be allowed to expedite projects are being rewarded due to loyalty to and connections with the current administration. They believe that the initiatives will do more harm than good for the environment when certain obstacles are removed.

The never-ending balance of environmental impact versus a robust economy continues.

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