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On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Real Estate Law

One of the biggest investments that a Nevada resident may make during their lifetime is in real estate. Real estate ownership can involve land, the improvements on it and other property interests. Land ownership grants individuals the right to develop their properties the way that they want within the confines of the laws, regulations and rules that govern it.

Because property interests may be subject to many different limitations, property owners may run into different legal problems when they try to make use of their land. Their conflicts may come from surrounding land owners who find their intended property uses objectionable; conflicts may also develop between municipalities and land owners over zoning, land use and ordinance violations.

The Kerr Simpson recognize the incredible amount of work that Nevada residents put into the acquisition and development of their land. When problems arise, individuals can experience significant financial losses as well as imposing legal hurdles to overcome in order to effectuate their land use plans. Attorney P. Sterling Kerr supports those who wish to fight for their own control of their land but who may not be sure of how to approach their case from a legal standpoint.

With honest counsel and careful case analysis, the Kerr Simpson works with clients as individuals rather than treating each real estate or land use case as a copy of others. It is important that individuals feel comfortable with their legal representatives, and therefore readers of this legal blog are invited to visit the firm online to learn more about the services it offers in the area of real estate law.

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