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Control of late singer’s estate uncertain due to multiple wills

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2019 | Probate Litigation

A will is an important testamentary document. It provides important information to survivors and legal professionals about how a person’s end-of-life estate should be distributed and where certain assets should be directed so that the decedent’s intended beneficiaries receive them. In Nevada, residents may execute the own wills and add them to the comprehensive estate plans.

However, the existence of a will is not always an elucidating factor when a person passes on. A considerable amount of time has passed since singer Aretha Franklin passed away, but the control and distribution of her estate is far from established. That is because multiple wills have been found that have been attributed to Franklin.

In a handwritten will dated during 2010, Franklin allegedly named a son and a niece as co-executors of her estate. A second will was found that had been dated in 2014, which showed the names of the son and niece crossed out as co-executors and named a different son as the party that should be in control of Franklin’s assets and wealth. The court, as well as handwriting experts and others, will now be involved to figure out just who should have the power to manage Franklin’s estate.

When a person wishes to change their will, they should be sure that it is done in a way that clearly establishes their intentions and that formally and legally breaks the control that their subsequent will had over their estate. To do so, or to have other probate questions answered, readers may wish to reach out to their trusted probate attorneys.

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