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What is the purpose of zoning?

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2019 | Real Estate Law

Building a new structure or buying a new parcel of real estate can be an exceptionally exciting time for a Nevada resident. They may see in that property an opportunity to improve their financial situation, all while providing their community with a tool for growth. Individuals who endeavor into real estate investing and development have a great deal of autonomy over what they can buy and how they can use it, but anyone who chooses to purchase real property should be aware of the zoning laws that may regulate their land’s use.

Zoning is the division of a community’s land into separate zones for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural use, among other potential categories. Depending upon where a person buys property, they may discover that the municipality has other types of zones. In some cases, mixed use zoning may be permitted, such as when residential spaces are allowed to exist above commercial spaces.

One reason that zoning exists is to provide landowners with some expectation of what will happen with the land around them. A person may not want to buy a lot on which to build their dream home if the parcel next to them can be turned into a farm, factory or other unattractive neighbor. Additionally, zoning helps keep like land uses together; neighborhoods may remain quiet if they are not broken up by restaurants, manufacturers and feed lots, for example.

Zoning is intended to serve a communal good, but sometimes it interferes with the intended use a property owner foresees for their parcel. When these problems arise, it may be possible for the property owners to seek permission to use their properties in ways that are contrary to their zoning districts. When considering such action, it is important to understand the applicable real estate law.

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