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When the competition isn’t fair, how can you fight back?

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Dealing with the competition is a normal part of doing business. However, it is not normal when the competition uses unfair or illegal means to pull ahead and gain an advantage. Unfair business practices include inappropriate competition strategies, and you can fight back.

Issues that pertain to business law and may indicate the need for litigation can be complex. In fact, you may be unsure of where to start. If you believe your Nevada business is suffering because of an infringement on your rights or other unfair means, it may be appropriate for you to take quick action to learn what you can do. Unfair competition is harmful to your business, and it can cause issues for innocent consumers as well.

What counts as unfair competition? 

It is in your interests to know what kinds of strategies and efforts may count as unfair competition. Recognizing these factors may help you decide if it is necessary to move forward with legal action. Some of the most common types include the following:

  • Stealing trade secrets – If your competition is using your proprietary information to gain an advantage over your business, you can take action to stop further harm and recoup financial losses.
  • Using false representation – Intentionally misleading consumers through false advertising or promises is unfair to both consumers and the competition.
  • Infringing on your trademark – The intent having a trademark is to keep other companies from using your branding to their advantage. If there was an infringement, you have the right to fight back.

Unfair competition cases can be complex because they involve state laws, federal laws and other types of regulations. Through a civil claim, various types of remedies could be available to you. Some of these include recompense of your financial losses, repayment of your legal fees and more.

Quick action is important for your business

If you want to protect your business against unfair competition or want to take action after experiencing it, you have no time to lose in seeking qualified and experienced guidance. There is significant benefit in working with an attorney knowledgeable in your rights and familiar with the business litigation process.

One of the most significant steps you can take is to work to stop continued harm against your business as quickly as possible. Starting with a complete evaluation of your case, you can learn more about the specific legal options you have and the most appropriate way to protect your business interests.

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