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How zoning issues can impact your real estate law problem

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Real Estate Law

It would be understandable if the average Nevada resident has quite a few questions about zoning issues and how they can impact a real estate problem. After all, not many owners of resident or commercial property worry about zoning on a regular basis when it comes to their home or business. However, zoning can complicate a wide variety of issues.

For instance, property owners, particularly those within metropolitan areas, will need to comply with zoning regulations under many different circumstances. Common zoning regulations will state requirements when it comes to the potential use of a parcel of property, as well as how big or how high a building on the property can be. There will usually be restrictions on how close to the property lines any building on the property can be, and there will likely be considerations as to what utilities might be present on the property.

However, property owners in Nevada who run into these types of zoning conflicts may not be completely without potential remedies. In many cases, a property owner can apply for certain changes or exceptions to the applicable zoning regulations. Or, property owners may decide that the zoning regulations make sense, and therefore decide to make changes to their own construction or land use plans.

In almost every real estate problem there is a chance that the issue could proceed to litigation in court. But, there is also usually the possibility of resolving the conflict out-of-court through negotiations. Zoning issues can be a significant hurdle to overcome when it comes to real estate in Nevada, but they don’t need to be viewed as insurmountable.

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