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How a breach of contract can lead to business litigation

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2018 | Business Litigation

There aren’t many business leaders in Nevada who enter into contractual relationships with other entities thinking “This isn’t going to work out.” On the contrary, most business relationships are developed through good faith negotiations and soundly drafted contracts. However, sometimes a breach of contract issue arises no matter how well the business relationship is going.

When a breach of contract occurs, the issue may eventually need to be resolved through business litigation in state court. At its fundamental definition, a “breach” of a contract occurs when one side or the other fails to comply with the terms of the agreement. That can mean failing to take some contractually obligated action, or perhaps failing to pay a specified amount of money on time.

These days, most business contracts will include provisions that govern how breach of contract and other contractual problems will be addressed. In many cases, the issue will need to play out in mediation or arbitration. However, there are oftentimes options to file a lawsuit in court. When a breach of contract lawsuit commences, the side that is alleging the breach will typically be seeking either damages, in the form of financial compensation, or “specific performance,” which means that the business is seeking for the other side to comply with the terms of the contract as written.

Breakdowns in contractual relationships aren’t inevitable, but they do occur. In such situations, companies in Nevada would be well-served to learn their business litigation options in order to reach the right resolution to the issue at hand.

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