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We can advocate for those struggling with a property claim

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2018 | Real Estate Law

A previous post on this blog discussed how a resident of Henderson or another part of the greater Las Vegas area may have to file a claim with their property insurance company should they experience accidental damage to their building from a fire or other unanticipated dangers.

While a business owner will hope that his or her insurance company will come through quickly so that the owner can get on with running the business, this is not always the case. There can be all kinds of disputes about property damage claims, from whether the damage is covered under the policy in the first place to how much the insurance company should pay. Sadly, in some cases, it turns out that the insurance company has simply chosen to be difficult.

As part of our real estate practice, our law office can help business owners who are struggling with an insurance company over a property insurance claim.

While this sometimes might be a simple misunderstanding about the terms of a policy or a question of providing the company with the right documentation, in other cases, it may become apparent that in order to protect its interests, a business will need to file suit. In either case, our office can help with either filing a lawsuit or with gather the information necessary to get the issue resolved before a lawsuit is necessary.

In addition to a breach of contract claim, business owners who are struggling to get insurance benefits paid may also be able to assert other legal causes of action against their insurance companies. Among other things, these additional claims can help the business owner get leverage in negotiations in order to get the compensation to which he or she is entitled.

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