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Badlands golf course redevelopment fight continues

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2018 | Real Estate Law

To follow up on a local real estate dispute this blog has been following, the owners of a Las Vegas area property that was once a golf course have threatened to file additional lawsuits against the city government.

This threat came in response to the City Council’s recent decision not to hear the petition of the developers of the golf course regarding how they plan to put the now vacant property to use. The basis of this decision was that the developers had not waited the mandatory year since their prior plans were denied on June 21, 2017.

Moreover, one member of the Council also pointed out that the plans the developers presented would need modification in light of recent litigation. Without these changes in the plans taking place, going forward with a hearing on them would be fruitless.

At the same recent meeting, the Council also passed an ordinance that could effectively require the developers to set up a meeting with concerned residents of a nearby community. The developers would have to make a record of the meeting and also incorporate neighborhood concerns in to their overall plans.

The developer indicated that, in response to the new ordinance, he will file another inverse condemnation lawsuit. To review, the owner of a property can file this type of suit when he or she believes that the government’s regulations are so intrusive that, effectively, the developer has lost all or part of his or her property and thus deserves compensation.

Among other things, this case illustrates that it is not always easy for someone who is trying to develop property to navigate through all the legal processes involved. In this respect, an attorney with experience in Nevada real estate law can be of valuable assistance.

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