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A dispute over property lines is a threat to your interests

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Nevada property owners know that the real estate market in the area is competitive and prices can be high. Whether you purchase a piece of property for private or commercial purposes, you know that a dispute over property lines and boundaries can be complicated and stressful.

Knowing where the boundary lines are for the piece of property you want to buy or have already purchased is important, and resolving any disputes quickly and fairly is important. If you find yourself in this situation, you do not have to navigate it alone, but you can take action to seek guidance and take legal measures, if necessary.

Steps to resolving boundary disputes

A dispute over the boundary to a piece of property is a complex legal issue. In some cases, boundary disputes can lead to other people or unwanted structures on your property. This is a threat to your financial interests, and you have the right to take measures to legally establish property lines. Some of the steps you can take include:

  • Survey: It may be necessary to have a property survey done in order for both parties to clearly understand where the boundaries are. In some cases, it may be possible to refer to the most recent survey.
  • Agreement: There are times in which it may be possible for two parties to reach an understanding over property boundaries through a mutual agreement. Generally, these agreements will have to benefit both parties.
  • Lawsuit: You may need to file a quiet title lawsuit, which would mean a judge would determine where the property lines are.
  • Adverse possession: If people have been using a specific piece of property a certain way for years, the principles of adverse possession may apply. This means the non-owner could continue to use the property as in the past.

You may find it beneficial to seek guidance regarding the most beneficial approach to effectively resolving your boundary dispute.

Take action to shield your interests

If you are unsure how to navigate this issue and reach a resolution that will protect your legal interests and financial security, you may find it useful to seek guidance in all matters pertaining to boundary disputes.

By seeking an evaluation of your case, you can understand the various legal options that could be available to you. With guidance, it may be possible to protect your property rights and reach a resolution in a timely manner.

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