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Businesses may need to protect their intellectual property

On Behalf of | May 11, 2018 | Business Litigation

As is the case with businesses across the country, small and mid-sized organizations in Henderson and the greater Las Vegas area are always looking for something distinctive to set their businesses apart from the competition.

Whether it is a literary work or other artistic work, a mechanical design or even a logo or other form of branding, these distinctive aspects of a business often determine the business’s profitability. The law also encourages this sort of creativity by protecting these sorts of items from unauthorized replication so that a business can enjoy the fruit of its own labor and ingenuity.

Collectively, things like logos, artistic works and inventions are called “intellectual property” since the business which created the work or design owns the legal right to decide whether and under what terms it can be copied.

Whereas inventions are normally subject to federal laws which cover patents, artistic works are subject to copyright laws. Unique brand names or designs are subject to trademark laws. While each separate type of law has its own particularities, they all serve the purpose of giving the creator of the work an exclusive right to re-create it.

Unfortunately, just getting a copyright or trademark is not enough to protect a business’s distinctive creations. Oftentimes, there are people who outright disregard things like copyrights and trademarks, and others may even try to scoot around the edges of the federal laws. Under these sorts of circumstances, an organization may need to resort to business litigation in order to protect its brand or its original work. Doing so may even be necessary to keep a business profitable and ahead of its competition.

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