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On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2018 | Probate Litigation

A previous post on this blog talked about the process of obtaining a legal guardianship in Nevada and what sort of issues might arise as a result. To review, a guardianship involves a court appointing a seemingly trustworthy person to manage the assets or even the living arrangements and medical care of someone who is no longer able to do so.

Guardians are in many respects like attorneys in fact, except that it is the person who later will need help managing his or her property, and not a court, who appoints the attorney in fact.

Whether it is a court-appointed guardian or an attorney in fact, though, a case can get quite complicated when it comes to a guardian’s managing the assets of the other person. This is particularly so when the guardian has charge over a lot of wealth that can and should be managed carefully. The stakes are very high in such situations, and managing such an estate, or monitoring a guardian’s handling of the same, can be hard on even the most capable person.

As part of its probate litigation practice, our law office handles complicated asset disputes that emerge in the context of guardianships or similar legal proceedings. Often, these sorts of disputes arise in guardianships or other cases where a lot of money located in many different accounts or other assets is at stake.

As experienced professionals in the areas of both law and business, we understand the financial aspects that may impact the outcome of guardianship litigation and can help our clients plan an appropriate strategy in light of these factors. We have helped both families who feel that a guardian has misused or neglected the property that he or she was supposed to protect and guardians who have done their best to manage a difficult financial situation.

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