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Protecting your business interest from unfair competition

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2018 | Business Litigation

A previous post on this blog discussed the concept of business torts. To summarize the concept, business torts are part of Nevada law that help protect business owners from dishonest or underhanded competition from their rivals. The goal of business torts is to help ensure a level playing field for all business in the Las Vegas area and throughout this state.

Our law office understands how important being able to rely on these business torts is for a small to mid-sized Henderson businesses, particularly when they are up against companies of the same size or slightly larger and more established. Having the right lawyer representing a small business which has been the victim of unlawful conduct at the hands of another business can even spell the difference between a business failure and continued profitability and growth.

As a businessman himself, our attorney has had decades of experience both handling contentious business affairs and representing other business owners when they have been treated unfairly. While we recognize how important it is for a business to insist on fair competition, we are also aware that good business are cost conscious when it comes to litigation, and so we work hard to find creative solutions to problems that will save our clients time and money.

A business owner who feels a competitor has run afoul of the laws that are in place to protect Nevada’s free market, he or she can rely on us to evaluate the case completely, offer available legal options, and, if necessary, file and pursue a lawsuit against one’s rival business.

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