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What is a business tort?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2018 | Business Litigation

Many business owners in Henderson or other parts of the greater Las Vegas area may realize that, for the most part, contracts, statutes, and regulations make up the world of business when it comes to legal matters.

In other words, so long as a business follows the written rules of the government and upholds its contracts, it should have little to worry about when it comes to business litigation.

However, there are in fact several business torts, which developed over the years as part of what lawyers call the “common law,” that one isn’t necessarily going to find written down, at least not with any precision. Like other torts such as negligence, business torts are based on society’s overall sense of fair play and justice.

There are many different kinds of business torts, many of which are recognized by the Nevada courts. While which tort might apply to a particular case is best answered by an attorney after a consultation, the general idea behind these torts is that businesses have to adhere to a minimum bar of truthfulness and fair-dealing, even when they are intensely competing for revenue.

For example, there are business torts which prohibit businesses from misappropriating the trade secrets of another business, for example, by sending in corporate spies or other such behavior. Likewise, a business cannot attempt to unlawfully disrupt the binding contracts between a revival business and a supplier or some other third party.

Like contracts and statutory rules, business torts are there to ensure the free market economy is a place where all have a reasonably equal chance to succeed in building up their business. If a business feels like they have been the target of tortious behavior on the part of another business, they may have legal options.

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