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What can cause probate delays in Nevada?

Probate isn’t usually a fast and simple process. While this is true even in seemingly simple situations, there are circumstances that may delay probate even more. In many cases, the delays aren’t the fault of the executor or probate court. Instead, they are caused by...

Forgiving family loans in estate planning

Loan forgiveness has become a hot topic the past couple of years, and you have kept that in mind as you prepare your estate plan. Some of your children have led financially responsible lives, while others needed a little more guidance. And that guidance included a...

Can I disinherit my spouse?

As much as you tolerated your spouse during your marriage, you will always have certain ill feelings toward him or her. As you prepare your will, you wonder whether it is possible to disinherit your spouse. Well, in a way, you can in Nevada. But the result remains a...

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