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Understanding mergers and acquisitions

You are undoubtedly proud of the work you have done in building a successful Nevada company. As your company has matured, you have worked to provide well for your family and keep your stockholders happy. Perhaps you have already taken advantage of circumstances to...

Non-solicitation violations can hurt your business

You were sorry to see your employee go. Perhaps he or she had been with you for a while and was an asset to your business. As soon as you were able, you began searching for someone to replace your employee. However, before too long, another employee put in notice to...

Understanding the steps of business litigation

It is likely that, as a business owner, you deal with legal issues every day. This is true if you have employees on your payroll, you pay taxes and you use contracts for your business transactions. For the most part, operations go smoothly, and you may not have many...

Protect your financial investment when buying a home

Buying a home in Nevada is a major financial and legal step. It is in your interests to take the appropriate measures to ensure you protect your financial well-being. Whether you are purchasing a residential property for investment purposes or your own personal use,...

The right legal steps when starting a partnership

Launching a new business is an exciting time, but it is a legally and financially complex process as well. There are important decisions to make, and one of these choices will be to decide which type of business structure works best for your Nevada company. If you are...

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