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What is a business merger?

Mergers happen in many different contexts. When two Nevada residents choose to get married, they may be said to have merged their separate lives into a shared co-existence through the formalization of their relationship. Similarly, two businesses may choose to merge and become a single entity: the blend of distinct businesses into one organization is a merger.

Nevada data breach laws could impact businesses

As a previous post on this blog has discussed, businesses in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada have certain obligations to protect the data of their customers. This is especially true when the data includes financial information or particularly sensitive personal information, like a Social Security number.

Tech firm Citrix faces lawsuit after security breach

The personal data of employees and customers is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity. In this digital age, hackers from other businesses and even foreign governments can try to access this data and then use it for their own purposes. Often, these purposes are criminal, nefarious or, at best, not in the best interest of the victim whose data is misappropriated.

The legal obligations of a C-corp

When most Nevada residents think of a corporation, they are likely thinking of a C-corp. C-corps are corporate entities created to operate as a business, which protects shareholders from liability. There are pros and cons to starting a business as a C-corp, but, once the business is created, there are quite a few ongoing legal obligations that must be maintained.

Business law and real estate law can go hand-in-hand

Beyond turning a profit and staying operational, most of the leaders of businesses in Nevada have a common goal: growth. Most businesses depend on expanding their area of operations to improve profitability. New reach means new customers - which leads to increased profits.

The right approach to complex business law issues in Nevada

Every businessowner in Nevada wants to get off to the right start in their chosen market. But, unfortunately, complex business law issues are bound to pop up at some point for most businesses in Nevada. When these issues do arise, the right approach to the issue is crucial in order to reach a satisfactory outcome.

Get off to the right start when it comes to business formation

While it can be an exciting time for Nevada residents when they are getting ready to start a new business, such a time is also fraught with risk, including legal risks. Any entrepreneur would likely tell our readers that getting off to the right start is crucial for a new business. The right start includes taking the right steps in the formation of the business.

What do you need to know about business formation?

Many entrepreneurial individuals in Nevada may be thinking of starting a business in the current economic climate, which is as good as it has been for companies in decades. Taxes are low and, even though the job market can be tight, unemployment is the lowest it has been in almost 50 years. But, this can make it hard to find good workers, even though there are thousands of people out there who are looking for jobs. So, what do such entrepreneurial individuals need to know about business formation?

Understand business law at crucial moments for companies

It takes ingenuity, determination and creativity to be successful in business, whether one is part of a large company or a small operation. Business owners usually have the ambition and self-motivation to make their companies a success. However, there likely is not a single business owner in Nevada who has not faced certain situation that can cause trepidation, like when legal issues are involved.

Pricing transparency rule stands after suit dismissed

One hot topic in the news over the last several months has been Nevada's strict law requiring manufacturers of diabetic drug, as well as brokers in the pharmaceutical business called pharmacy benefit managers, to report certain data to the state, including profits.

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