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Proving fraudulent misrepresentation

It is difficult to know if you are making the right decision if you don't have all the information. This is why it is best not to rush into important choices without taking the time to investigate and learn as much as you can, whether it is buying a new car, getting married or entering a business deal. Fortunately, many important transactions involve the signing of a contract, which outlines the responsibilities and expectations of each side.

The focus of your due diligence depends on your intentions

Part of your business model may include purchasing a piece of property. Perhaps you already found the right place and put in an offer that the seller accepted. You probably spent a significant amount of time negotiating your purchase and sale agreement, which included contingencies.

Understanding your obligations as a Nevada landlord

If you are a landlord in Nevada, you know there are many obligations you have to your tenants. Failure to meet these obligations and adhere to your responsibilities could lead to legal complications in the future. You may find it beneficial to make an effort to learn more about your duties pertaining to repairs, maintenance and other issues.

Proving another company infringed on intellectual property rights

As a Nevada business owner, you know that your business-related assets are important to the well-being and prosperity of your continued success. This is not only the physical assets that your company needs to operate, but your intellectual property as well. Protection of the intangible things that set your company apart from the competition are important and worth protecting. 

Can property investment fund your retirement?

You have spent the last 30 years or more working hard, paying your bills and raising your family. Now, with only a few years to go before retirement, you may be feeling that panic in your stomach. What will happen if you become ill or incapacitated? What if you need joint replacement surgery or become injured and can no longer work?

Your intellectual property is valuable

It used to be that the most valuable items your business could hold were the inventory you could protect with a lock and key. These days, however, with technology and internet capabilities, it is increasingly easier for others to ride on your coattails by stealing your intellectual property or profiting from your established brand.

Don't buy problems when buying a business

Business law issues are complex, and buying an existing Nevada business is no exception to this. There are many complex and difficult issues to consider when taking this step, and it is beneficial to think about how to mitigate potential problems before they arise. There are procedures to follow and things that you would be wise to do and know in order to protect your financial and legal interests. 

Encroachment: what is it and how should you deal with it?

You may not know what it is exactly, but encroachment is a serious threat to your property rights and your interests. Encroachment occurs when the neighboring property owner puts a structure or something else that intrudes onto your property. This could include anything from a storage shed to shrubbery to something much more significant.

Investing in homes to produce rental income in Las Vegas

Housing market dynamics have undergone significant change in the past 10 to 15 years. The housing market crash created a significant glut of foreclosures and bank owned properties. The home ownership rate among individuals and families remains at a low not seen in roughly a half-century. With millennials and others opting to rent single properties, real estate investment has become more of a norm in residential communities as compared to past generations.

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