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Month: June 2020

Understanding the appeals process in Nevada

After finding your business at the losing end of a ruling, you may wonder if you have any way to attain a more advantageous outcome. The judge and jury may have made obvious procedural errors. Or, their decision may not have lined up with the facts your side...

How do you stake a mining claim?

As a prospector in Nevada, you will want to take advantage of the state’s wealth of mineral deposits. Nevada is one of the few states with reserves of lithium, which is a hot commodity because of its use in batteries. Nevada also has deposits of gold, silver and...

What minerals are considered nonlocatable in mining claims?

Nevada’s rich mineral deposits make it one of the country’s most attractive mining sites. Nicknamed the Silver State because of its exceptional precious metals production, Nevada is home to more than 100 active nonfuel mines. While companies continue to file claims...

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