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The Dealmaker Deals with a Setback

To say Elon Musk is an innovator would be an understatement. Tesla, the company he founded, is well known for selling electric cars at premium prices to a wealthy demographic, far beyond what the average consumer can afford. To cast a wider net, not to mention...

The Indemnity Agreement Quandary

Seasoned subcontractors who work for themselves are continuously looking for work. Competing for contracts from general contractors and developers present challenges. Oftentimes, it hinges on not only their bid but also the reputation they have built over time. Even...

How Are Mining Claims Managed?

For some federally-administered lands in Nevada, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) organizes and maintains the authority over those public lands' surface. In other areas, the Forest Service may be in charge of the surface of any National Forest System (NFS) land....

The Power of Mechanic’s Liens

When the pandemic-driven business shutdowns started earlier this year, countless industries were impacted. The disruption in the supply chain was evident as retail stores struggled to keep items on their shelves. While toilet paper and handsoap shortages made headline...

A look back at the Rochester dispute

Anyone in the mining industry understands the value of procuring and maintaining their claims. Today, we’re going to look back at a well-publicized case to understand the importance of proper upkeep and having strong representation. In 2013, Coeur d’Alene Mines Corp....

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