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July 2019 Archives

Why it could be smart to change the structure of your business

When you started your Nevada business, you had a vision for what you hoped your company would look like in a few years. Things in business are rarely predictable, and what your company looks like now can be very different from what you imagined. Sometimes, this may mean that it's necessary for you to make changes to various aspects of your company.

What is the purpose of zoning?

Building a new structure or buying a new parcel of real estate can be an exceptionally exciting time for a Nevada resident. They may see in that property an opportunity to improve their financial situation, all while providing their community with a tool for growth. Individuals who endeavor into real estate investing and development have a great deal of autonomy over what they can buy and how they can use it, but anyone who chooses to purchase real property should be aware of the zoning laws that may regulate their land's use.

Overview of tortious interference in business relationships

In an ever-moving and ever-changing business world, it can be hard for a Las Vegas entity to establish itself and demonstrate the unique services or goods that it has to offer. In order to do better than one's competitors, a party may need to weather storms that crush others and develop innovative plans to pull away from the rest of the pack. It can also mean seizing on opportunities before others have a chance to do so.

Overview of the probate process

Some legal terms can leave Nevada residents scratching their heads. One such term is probate. While it is oftentimes fairly easy for most people to associate this legal term with estate planning and the distribution of a person's assets upon death, some people can benefit from a brief overview of probate and how the process can devolve into complex litigation at times.

What do businesses need to know about products liability law?

There are quite a few businesses in Nevada that produce goods for sale. Once these goods enter the stream of commerce, they could end up anywhere, and if there is any potential for the item to be dangerous or cause an injury, companies in Nevada should be aware of products liability law.

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