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Month: February 2019

What is the key to avoiding probate?

For many people in Nevada who start the estate planning process, avoiding probate is one of their main goals. No one likes to think of their relatives and close friends needing to go through complicated court procedures just so assets can be distributed according to...

Resolving business conflicts when they arise

Business owners in Nevada pour their dedication and effort into making their business successful and profitable. It is no easy task to start a business and manage the day-to-day tasks involved in the undertaking, so business owners are usually cautious and concerned...

Non-solicitation violations can hurt your business

You were sorry to see your employee go. Perhaps he or she had been with you for a while and was an asset to your business. As soon as you were able, you began searching for someone to replace your employee. However, before too long, another employee put in notice to...

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